Rauchbier –It’s the most distinctive beer we make. A mild smokiness taste using barley dried over an open flame. This method of kilning is known from as far back as the first century BC, and we try to bring this taste to you today (made in the Mountains of New York State, of course). This smoke beer adds a curiosity. It is a beer that balances the right blend of smoked malt, to sweet malt, to hops and water. Together with the specifically chosen yeast strain we pride ourselves to deliver this premier taste. The beer takes a six month special process to properly mellow the smoke and lager.

This beer perfectly pairs with many cheeses as well as the cheeses that wine cannot. Also goes very well with any meats, poultry and fish. The beer can complement many creative dishes and adds a unique, neatly smoked tasting experience you can expect from a lager beer.

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