Kellerbier “Cellar Beer” is a unique type of European beer which is not clarified or pasteurized and rarely found these days at all. The pronounced style originates from Franconia (a region of Southern Germany) dating as early as the Middle Ages. Our hand-crafted Kellerbier is bottom-fermented, traditionally prepared with only pure ingredients and lagered in cellar cave-type conditions.  The fresh direct mountain New York water maintains a perfect amount of minerals to compliment the sweetness of the premium grains and the bitterness from the noble hops.  Together you have a well-balanced body of the Kellerbier ready to enjoy; just as those did for centuries since the Medieval Renaissance period.  Pull out your Viking hats, Kellerbier is traditionally drunk out of earthenware mugs. The use of eating utensils may be optional with foods.

This unfiltered amber lager maintains slightly nutty with hints of caramel, honey and plum flavors. Aromas of apple and citrus combine to give this beer a fruity, zesty freshness. Patiently lagered for four weeks, then filled without filtering gives the traditional cloudy appearance. Enjoy as an aperitif or with many meats, sushi and pastas.

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